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Trip Report kindly supplied by Harry (our newest member)

Club Newby goes camping in Wales Northern Union Style

Friday 3rd May to Monday 5th May, 2008

As this was my first time camping in a new tent I set off early on Friday . The journey passed without incident and the tent was up without any problems. The electric hook-up was great, provided me with some much needed heat at night and  allowed the use of my toaster and kettle

The other club members were staying in three caravan's with the exception of Lorraine who slept in her tent alongside Stewart and Dawn and used their facilities.

As my mate Steve Gregory couldn't come I would be staying on my own. This was no problem as the hospitality shown by the club was amazing. I didn't spend much time in my tent, but alternated between the two caravans on our site. (thanks Irene and Dawn)

On Saturday we went to Porth Ysgadan.  The diving was very interesting with the first dive having a strong current. I was glad I practiced putting up my DSMB which was needed from the very start of the dive. Didn't need to fin, just allowed the drift to carry us along. The viz was poor, but enough to be able to look around, lots of dog fish. Colin was a good buddy, maintaining  good contact especially while we ascended on the DSMB line.

Olga got caught up in some interesting current just as she was having trouble clearing her ears. She described it as having a whirlpool effect with some ups and downs thrown in. The result was her ears did clear, but in the worst way leaving her with a suspected perforated eardrum in her right ear and no diving for several months.

I went with the guys to the local pub night for a few drinks and mull over the days events, nice end to the day.

On the second dive I accompanied Alan and young Chris on his first UK sea dive. This time I used a SMB, reeling off as we went, much better than the DSMB. Again I would say poor viz with plenty of kelp.

The next day we were off to Morfya Nefyn. This time I accompanied Alan and Stuart on their hunt for spider crabs. Shallow dive with plenty of kelp which should have been quite a relaxing dive.  Didn't work out that way as the viz was very bad, it made the Delph's viz look like the Parr pool. I was very glad that Stuart had an orange mesh on his cylinder and had white fins as I could only just make out where he was.  We however maintained contact and surfaced together, quite an achievement given the rubbish viz. In the surface interval we had monsoon type downpour, after which for various reasons we called it a day.

That night we all went off to the pub restaurant for a meal. Nice end to the trip.

Monday morning, great weather, lots of sun shine. Up early, tent packed and after farewells, off home to miss the traffic.

So how would I rate the weekend

The actual diving was only just OK, but that's UK diving, you have to take pot luck. The "crack" was great, lots of fun. The diving however wasn't the main reason I went on the weekend. As a new member, it was to get to know the club members.  I found them all without except to be very friendly people considerate people.

After seeing the local roads and dive site launch points, I am full of admiration for Granham's and Alan's towing ability.

The weekend was,  Superb, I had a great time, thanks to you all for making it possible . Looking forward to the next one.

If you aren't already a member of Northern Union and you are a non diver looking for training or already trained (any organisation) looking for new club. Come along and check out the club, you won't be disappointed.