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Diving Cuba


Dive Centre Details


Blue World Dive Centre can be accessed via a short walk from any of the following Hotels located on the beach:-


Playa Costa Verde, Blau Costa Verde and

Playa Pesquero.

email :-  lexer.vera@gmail.com


Contact Number 

  +53 24 35851


Ray (Manager), Mike, Luis


Qualified Dive Guides and Instructors with diving from beginners to advanced.  Staff, are friendly, happy and very helpful providing a variety of diving for all levels of experience.

Dive Package Details


Try Dives can be arranged in the Hotel Pools leading to open water diving where some of these wonderful fish and coral can be explored in only 2-3 metres of water. 


Dive Packages can be arranged to suit individual needs and the more dives you do the cheaper each dive becomes.
  e.g.10 dive pack  230 c.u.c.
 Further dives @ 22 c.u.c. each.




For more details call Mike, Ray or Luis or come and visit us and we will be happy to help and advise further.
Hotels Nearby with Thomas Cook
Playa Coste Verde 4* 
Blau Coste Verde 3*
Playa Pesquero 5*

Water temperature varies from a warm 22 degrees in April to a bath like 34 degrees in September/October. Warmer in July August but as hurricane season extends from August through September, this is not ideal for a diving holiday.
For a short video clip click here diving cuba