Subscriptions-Northern Union BSAC

Northern Union BSAC

         If you are currently paying your Club subscription and BSAC fees via Standing Order, a big thank you!

          As you will be aware there have been some increases over the last couple of years, and though it's the easiest way of paying,
           its also easy to forget to change how much you pay !!
          Please take a quick look at the chart......Fees are from 1st March 2017.........      
 Advanced Inst.11047.50157.5013.12 
 joint member11039.50149.5012.45 
          It shows what your monthly amount should be for 2017, depending on your diving class.
          If the amount you have been paying is less than the figure stated, you will owe the club the difference for each year.
         Please feel free to contact me at
 you need any confirmation of balances due  "